I just turned 28 and had my first pregnancy, and first miscarriage (in the process of it..) At 8 weeks based on my LMP, the ultrasound showed the size was 6 weeks 5 days, with a heartbeat of 128bpm. I was told perhaps my count was off, or I was a bit irregular. I had another ultrasound on my 13th week and it showed the size was only 8 weeks 5 days, with no yolk sac anymore. There was no heartbeat. The doc said I should wait up to 2 more weeks to see if my body does a natural miscarriage before attempting a D&C. I've been reading up on what its like to get a natural miscarriage, what symptoms I should look out for, etc, but most people's stories show that they start bleeding, which is why they found out they were miscarrying in the first place. The reason I dont want to do a D&C right away is I'm scared I might get uterine tissue scarring (which I read a lot about online) so I'd rather see if it can come out naturally first. Did anyone here have no symptoms (or just very mild random cramps, which was supposedly normal so I ignored it) and found no heartbeat, and waited for a natural miscarriage? How long did it take? Here's another question - They say that if its less than 9 weeks pregnant, the natural miscarriage wont hurt that much (just like a strong period with double the menstrual cramps). since I'm supposed to be 13+weeks based on LMP, but the dead baby is only 8weeks 5 days, does that mean I'm part of the "under 9 weeks" , or does it mean the other parts such as the placenta, etc grew to 13 weeks and i'll have extreme pain when it comes out? Thanks