Interesting. I don't watch TV almost at all. I watch the Biggest Loser each week, but I also work out during it. So that's a two hour workout instead of lazing about on the couch. My niece likes the show too, so when I go to my sister's house to watch it (I don't have cable), I bring my twist boards so we can work out together. smile

So, the rest of my time? Mornings - read emails, update facebook status, check forums, tend to dogs, make to do lists, clean house.

Afternoons - Work on RV projects, do errands, make calls - this is where the bulk of the "things that must get done" happen.

Evenings - Emails, facebook, BellaOnline forums, write articles, do birding, go for run.

Night - Read RV manuals/magazines, watch two Farscape eps with Dan (or whatever series we are working through that we've downloaded). Read before bed.

I do want to add yoga and painting to my days. And I probably spend too much time online still.