Don't get me started on the Batman movies. I hate the last two. And was not that crazy about all the ones done in the 1980s and 90s. The best thing about all those movies was Jack Nicholson as Joker. I didn't like the last Joker despite all the press hype he got for it. Why are there so many explosions and so much destruction in the last two movies? Since when is a Batman story about huge explosions and destruction? Where is the detective part of Batman. He is the Dark Knight Detective, not just the Dark Knight. Batman is a detective not just another Hollywood action hero. I also hate how they made Ras Al Guhl his mentor and teacher in Batman Begins. I don't know who the producers thought that character was, but it was not Ras Al Guhl. That character bares not the slightest resemblance to Ras Al Guhl as he originated in Batman and Detective comics. Ras Al Guhl was a devious villian. Batman almost fell in love with his daughter. One thing Ras Al Guhl wasn't was the head of some Kung Fu vigilante society. It is one thing to do things differently in the movies than in the comics. It is another to completely change the character into something completely different.