I agree on criticisms about Jean Grey/Phoenix in X3. Plus why did they do things so unlike the comics? Why did Phoenix disintegrate Scott(Cyclops), her love and Professor X, but she couldn't do the same to Wolverine while he slow walked up to her to kill her. I don't buy the excuse he heals superfast. She disintegrated so many other people in a split second why didn't she do that to Wolverine? In the comics she did not kill anyone of the X-men, Professor X or her friends. She killed herself to save them all from her powerful, uncontrollable dark side. Also, in the comics she, as Dark Phoenix, consumed an entire star causing it to go nova and destroy a planet and the billions of people on it. She can do all that but she can't harm Wolverine? Are you kidding me? The only one strong enough to defeat the Dark Phoenix was Jean Grey herself.