I completley agree with you (like you're avatar BTW smile )
I actually liked the Supergirl movie when I was a child, but I think they could do an amazing one now - she's a far more interesting character than Superman in the comics I think. I loved the way Turner brought her back - if they did something like that it would be amazing.

I agree on the Wolverine front a lot - I don't see the appeal, and X 3 really annoyed me with the Phoenix listening to Magneto when she wouldn't have listened to anyone! She is the strongest creature in the universe for God's sake LOL. They could have made that brilliant, but it was too many stories going on - and Bryan Singer leaving for Superman Returns was a huge dissapointment. I also didn't like the way they got rid of Mystique so early on - one of the best characters, for me. Everyone I know who reads the comics or even watched the cartoon (90's) was very dissapointed with the 3rd one in particular. Woulda loved to have seen more of Storm and Jean Grey. I'm looking forward to seeing Gambit and Emma Frost in the Wolverine Origins movie, but I'm sure they won't get represented as well as they should sadly. Emma Frost could kill Wolverine with just a thought as well as Jean LOL smile

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