No, it wasn't the same as the X-men movies, possibly the first X-men, but then due to the success of that film the budgets got higher with each following movie.
It depends on which Batman movie you're referring to - if it's 'The Dark Knight' the budget on that was through the roof, it was a huge production. But I'd rather watch Elektra over The Dark knight anyday - I found it too dull. I love the two Tim Burton Batman movies, but the rest have all been a let down IMO. I did really like Two Face in TDK, though they never made enough use of him.
It's a shame, I think, they've made it all about Batman - when it was never supposed to be like that. Plus, it takes itself way too seriously - its a comic book movie - not a gritty crime drama LOL. But I know lots of ppl enjoyed it. It's just not one of those movies I can imagine watching over and over, where as 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns' I've watched hundreds of times (literally LOL)

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