Couldn't stand Ultraviolet, all style over substance. Angel better than Buffy!!! LOL - you must be kidding. It was so boring! I did love it when Angel used to turn back into Angelus though, but the end of Angel ruined it for me. Buffy was fantastic (apart from Dawn).

Havn't seen Aeon Flux, don't even know what its about (well very little) I agree with you, I always make my own mind up on movies - I think a lot of critics tend to reccomend arty rubbish which they think should be reccomended. Not that theres not great arty films LOL.

Actually the budget was big for Elektra, I do think they should have made her more savage and less remourceful like the character should be - but I love Jennifer Garner and in all I thought it was a really great movie smile

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