I, too, read the 'Eat, Pray, Love and depression book. I liked it, but to me it was more like a romantic comedy that helped this incredibly, financially secure women with her divorce and other crisis she was having in her life. I have been deppressed on and off through my life but for the last 4yrs, it's been rough. I have anxiety attacks and for the begining of these first two years I didn't get out of bed without the help of a friend, I NEVER went out of my house and so on. I have had on and off counseling and a few people do still email me sometime, but really, I'm no better off with my depression than I was two years ago. I take some meds now that help with anxiety, so I can go to the grocery store and church every now and then.
So to me, the book was entertaining but not therapuetical. I suppose I might feel better if I could leave on an adventure as this woman did and my life would be changed forever but to say it would rid me of my depression?
After the last page I felt like I had read a good book, but not one that had anything to do with depression.