Well 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' started off as a movie, so you're right in a way - I love Buffy (Sarah Michelle Geller's version)! She has got to be one of my all time fave characters, I never missed an episode, I was so upset when it ended, eight years of seeing someone every week gone! cry Plus, they were going to make a Xena movie, but Lucy Lawless didn't want to do it, same as with Sarah and a Buffy movie sequel.

I really loved Elektra too! Thought it was great, but the other characters are X-men and part of a team - Storm etc. Tomb Raider is now a comic book hero, forgot about her - and yeah she is great, but see - her second movie got panned by the critics too.

I wouldn't class Sarah Conner or Ellen Ripley as comic book heroes, they're movie heroes, but I see your point. Do you guys agree that women superheroes, when trying to carry the film alone, on their own back always get critisised? I can't think of one that was supported by critics or a large number of fans.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Emma Frost in the new Wolverine movie BTW, I hope they don't ruin her character like they did with Jean Grey turning into the Phoenix.

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