I can see why you would do that, it's just most ppl don't do they? So I guess you don't hear it that often, but if you're reading them anyways as well. What are the Twilight books like BTW? Worth checking out? I quite liked the movie - it was a bit tame, but sweet.
I was reading Point Horror and Nancy Drew books around 11 LOL - it takes me back. I think I read Carrie by King when I was around 12/13 - but I think that's quite a mild book, on a different subject - the most horrific book I ever read was named 'Lets Go Play At the Adams' by Mendal Johnson, which my aunt bought me, cos she knew I loved horror. This was at age 13 - and on the cover it said "more scary than Lord of The Flies and The Excorsist combined" - and OMIGOD - that book has haunted me all my life, I've never actually spoken to anyone else that read it - I know online it has a huge hate relationship.

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