I'm actually quite pleased to meet a Responsible adult LOL. My aunt, and don�t get me wrong � I adore my aunt, she lives in Florida, and she took my 16, and 12 year old cousins to see �The Ring� � and they were absolutely terrified LOL. She wouldn�t even let them leave because she�d paid for the tickets, we all found it funny at the time, even the kids, after.

I just still find it so amazing that anyone with an adult (or appearing as an adult) can just go into see R rated movies which are stated as for over 17 - it amazes me, especially when I think how disturbing, gory and violent films have become over the last few decades. I think the U.K�s classification is much more responsible.

I agree with you about the Watchmen trailers, I just saw one and they�re aimed very much at children, I think. Then in the small print it says �violence etc� � but then again, over here, no kids will get in. They wouldn�t even let my cousin in over here to see that terrible re-make of �Prom Night� until she showed her ID � and there is no violence shown in that film, or swearing � its just all suggested.

I wouldn�t ever read a book before a child, even though some can be disturbing, I think that�s taking censorship too far in my opinion, and I don�t really see that it would stop someone intent on going to read a book when they can get it from the library. You must have well behaved kids smile LOL

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