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I don't agree that all horror is overtly gory, it depends on the film.

Ok - that was a very sweeping and unfair statement that I made. I've just been very frustrated with the number of "slasher" films vs psychological horror films lately. Venting my frustration I suppose. grin

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I don't agree they should be stopped from seeing a naked man though, it's completley natural and like you said, he glows LOL. But then it all comes back to what one as an individual deams okay for their children.

For older kids - no this isn't such a bad thing, this statement I was thinking of the younger ones. The nudity itself is kind of - not important in the film. There's nothing sexual about it at all, it just kind of is.

The main reason I wrote this article was for parents who have not read the graphic novel, who have only seen the cool commercials on tv (or whose kids have seen the cool commercials.) This is for those parents that are thinking that this is going to be on the same lines as all the other comic book films like "Spiderman" and "X-Men". I can just picture a mom taking her 9 yr old daughter into this movie because her daughter thinks the Silk Spectre is this generation's Wonder Woman - and then Mom freaks out because her daughter just got a faceful of glowing, blue [censored].

The whole issue comes down to parents need to be responsible for what their kids see. They need to read the reviews, pay attention to the ratings - and WHY they got the ratings.

Oh, BTW -

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I don't know anyone that goes to see a movie before taking their children, if that's their intention.

You've just met someone. I even read books before my kids do. My oldest son almost did not get to finish the Harry Potter series because I felt it had gotten too violent and mature for him at the time. He had to wait an extra year. I read the entire Twilight series before I would let my daughter. And I always rent a film before we buy it (unless it is rated G or PG).

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