I don't want my kids reading the graphic novel, either.

I'm not saying it is worse than any others. I think there are plenty of movies out these days that are getting "R" ratings that should be "NC-17" - I'm thinking particularly of horror movies. I used to be a huge horror film fan - but realized that I haven't seen one in years, because they are all blood, gore and chopping people to bits.

I think it was the combination of everything all at once in the film. Like I said - for an adult that can take away the meaning behind the film, it is excellent. But I just don't think it is appropriate for kids who will not get the nuances, but will only see the visuals.

And I must admit that my personal experience with rape did put me in a very uncomfortable position with that one scene. It was very hard to watch, but it actually had a very important part in the film.

Some would argue that these scenes could have been left out and only referenced, and I don't agree with that. I think seeing these scenes made everything more powerful. I sat quite stunned through most of the movie. I just don't think it is for kids.

That is why I wrote 2 separate articles, one review - with my actual thoughts on the film, and this other with my thoughts about it being too graphic for kids.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor