This particular Republican site...political one of the most level headed that I have ever been on. Usually, I do not anwser...why bother? Well sometimes... First, I have lived long enough to see both Democrats and Republicans come and go.... Both parties have had presidents and majorities in Congress, sometimes one party in both.... THIS group does not seem to like the present Republican leadership...I wonder why....LOL... Second, I have always believed that national elections and most but not all state level elections are won by the vote of the moderates. Both party moderates and in between. The wing nuts (right and left) make a lot of noise, BUT they do not win elections. Third, I have also always believed that the U.S. is the strongest AND best when it has a balanced mix of capitalism and socialism (aka social programs). Yes a working free market economy...but with some regulations to control the psychopathic greedy crooks. Yes, keep our "socialistic" (social) programs like food stamps, unemployment insurance, social security, allowing all to use the public hospitals in an emergency even if they can't pay.... Good, patriotic, politicos who put country, not party first, and understand that unbridled capitalism is as bad as too much socialism. One parting shot...the @#$#@ bankers are going to the government for NOT think that the average Democrat wants the government to take over and have a temporary partial ownership of banks.... Temporary nationalization...that has happened when the government takes over failed banks...has happened with both parties in power and is something to avoid if at all possible.