This particular thread did get a little off topic.

But we were trying to tone down the atmosphere of anger that had been getting worse and worse as the election neared.

The one thing that we can always remember about the President is - whoever is in office, will not be there indefinitely. If Obama does not do the job that the American people were hoping for - then he will be gone in 4. Other wise, he will be gone in 8.

The other thing to keep in mind is - we all have Senators and Representatives that we can write to and let know how we feel.

I just got through writing a letter to my State House Representative, because Georgia is getting ready to do away with nurses in the school system as a way of cutting down on funding. I wrote the letter, and copied it to my school's principal - he liked it so much, he turned it into a petition.

So we DO still have a voice, we just have to remember to use it and not get so flustered and frustrated that we give up.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor