I am wanting to be really honest here. I am having a hard time with this forum. I am a Republican and still believe in fundamental basics of the party. I do believe it got off base over the years, but that is why we are going to have to get it back to the basic foundation. I hope people don't give up on the Republican Party because it is the party of small government and less spending. That's what McCain/Palin wanted to do. Have a budget and get rid of the pork, and ear marks..etc. They knew how to kick start an economy. I was truly heartbroken when Obama was elected. I actually laid on the floor and cried. I felt like this world now has no hope. It is basically going to he-- in a handbasket. I feel sorry for all the people who were duped and voted for him. I think now people are beginning to wake up to him and see all of his bad picks for the administration and bad decisions he is already making...sending 20 million to Gaza...what? Sending money overseas for abortions for other countries...what? Picking people to represent us who haven't paid their taxes...what is going on? Finally the truth is being seen and it hasn't even been a month in office.