Hi Lisa, I'm Buddhist because after learning the four noble truths and what emptiness means in relation to cause and effect, I have come to experience that the lacking in intrinsic existence is pervasive throughout form and concept. This warms and calms me when I am falling short of the behavior that I believe myself to be capable of. I firmly believe in no beginning and no end, and that all that is in existence is equal insofar as no single part of any whole can be found to be the sum total of that whole. I would like to mention one book: Vajrayogini: Her Visualizations, Rituals, & Forms : a Study of the Cult of Vajrayogini in India By Elizabeth English Published by Wisdom Publications, 2002 ISBN 086171329X, 9780861713295 This book has helped me to understand emptiness as "empty of intrinsic existence because of dependent origination" and to equate that concept to "non-dual knowledge" or "Vajra Knowledge"

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