Hi, I'm Lisa, the Buddhism editor. This forum is a place to post questions about Buddhism, comment on recent articles, debate Buddhist related topics, and offer suggestions for topics you'd like me to cover in articles or future threads.

Feel free to reply to this post, introduce yourself, and let me know why you are interested in Buddhism. What Buddhist themes and practices are you most interested in? What books have you recently read on Buddhism that you enjoyed? If you are a practicing Buddhist, what branch do you consider yourself?

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In this and all threads, please observe the following posting guidelines:

- Be respectful! No proselytizing, for or against Buddhism. This forum is open to anyone, but it is not a platform for trying to convert others to Buddhism, or to convert Buddhists to other religions/philosophies.

- Be nice. When disagreements arise, please be courteous in your words and tone.

- If you are posting a question or debate item yourself, and are looking for responses only from Buddhists, or only from Buddhists in a particular branch, please politely state this. Otherwise, anyone may respond. This forum is open to Buddhists, quasi-Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

- Keep outside links relevant to the thread. You are welcome to post links to articles and resources directly related to a topic's thread, but please do not post spam. Note that raw urls are not allowed, if you need help using UBB code, just message me.

Thanks, and please do introduce yourself, and send me suggestions!

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