While this advice is well intended and not incorrect, this is a forum concerning miscarriage and Lolipop did ask for information, which Chelle provided, and support which was not forthcoming.

Lolipop, Chelle is exactly right, it is highly unlikely that anything you did caused this miscarriage. A time of grieving is a normal thing and you should allow that. If you think you need any sort of counselling regarding depression, you should definitely look into that.

That being said, you have to look at what you can do with your life in a positive manner now. Don't dwell on the negative because that will not get you anywhere. Take this experience and look at ways you can change things in your life that will work for a better future for you. This is where the advice given comes in play.

You are young and you need to think about your future. I know you don't feel so young, but a time will come when you will wish you had the chance to work toward a bright future. Well, that time is now. You said you are not trying to get pregnant. Great! Now, look at the fact that you did and look for ways to make certain that doesn't happen again. A condom with the drug. This is important. Being pregnant so young and having to raise a child is not in your best interest or the child's.

Is there a problem with drinking? Look at that long and hard. Only you can decide what you are going to do, but make informed choices looking at what is best for your future. You matter, but you have to look out for you. (Yes, that's a lot of "yous" smile )

I hope this makes some sense and you can rest assured that you should not blame yourself for your miscarriage. Take care.

Kevin Thorburn
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