My boyfriend and I have been
going out for a year and a half.
on nov. 22nd, i conceived.
on thanksgiving night,
i went back to my boyfriends,
and we drank.
that was 5 days after i conceived.
i didn't know that i was pregnant.
3 weeks later, at 3 1/2 weeks,
i miscarried. (december 10)

my question is, do you think the alcohol
is what caused my miscarriage?
if so, why did it take 3 weeks to miscarry
if i drank 5 days after conceiving?
even though im only 17 years old, my
boyfriend and i are both against abortion, and we
were going to keep the baby. im taking
the miscarriage very hard, and i keep blaming myself.
my boyfriend says hes never seen me so depressed.
my main fear is that if i get pregnant again, my boyfriend
and i are going to have to go through all this pain
all over again.

can anyone help me or try to make me feel at least a little