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That is funny John. Wouldn't that confuse the heck out of students. wow! 24 years of two families!!! We almost have that with Hillary in as Secretary of State - did she accept that yet?

I saw the funniest thing on Comedy Central the other night. Note: this is not normally a channel I watch - but Jeff Dunham was on there with hius puppets and I will not miss him. (Peanut for President! Actually it was Walter, but I like Peanut better.)

Anyway, right after Dunham was the "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
Stewart was showing all the issues that Obama and Hillary agreed on, and the one issue they did not? Foreign Affairs. So he appoints her as Secretary of State. crazy

I am really not sure of how else to "fix" the government. I can see a lot of flaws, but what is the answer?

Scorch the Earth and start over wholesale?

Actually, I've wondered why we don't get rid of the political parties all together. What is their purpose? Many people ignore the candidates and what the candidates are saying and just vote down the party lines. This would force people to do the research and create a country of informed

Or, what might make it even more interesting - don't even let people know who they are voting for - let them vote on the issues alone; and whoever wins the most that way become President. No party, no faces, people are farced to examine why they are voting for stuff.

But that would be too complex. frown

Sorry, I'm in a cranky & pessimistic mood this morning.

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