It's hard to see a third party winning the election any time soon. There is definate movement, but I don't think there is enough of it yet. I know some Republicans who are afraid of "taking the leap of faith" and voting independent because they know that it will split the Republican vote and guarantee a Democrat victory (as we saw in '92 with Peroe).

Actually, I've wondered why we don't get rid of the political parties all together. What is their purpose? Many people ignore the candidates and what the candidates are saying and just vote down the party lines. This would force people to do the research and create a country of informed voters.

Use this and the polygraph- say, a set of 100 questions, not necessarily about their views (pro or anti choice, pro or anti death penalty, pro or anti whatever), but instead questions like
have you ever taken a bribe, murdered someone, assisted in a terrorist plot, ect. Just to ensure that the candidates that we are getting have a conscience and will be a "public servant" rather than a "self servant."

I can't imagine that something like this is possible as it would be the politicians that would have to enact the polygraph rule and they would come up with things like it's an infringement of their privacy or that they are on medication and so they cannot take one. Too many of them could not pass it.

As far as abolishing the parties, there are too many people making money off of having them around and so I can't see this as a possibility either.