I would be suprised if that song didn't already exist as there is a song on EVERY other topic known to mankind laugh

John Galt is one of my favorite ficticious heros. I wish he were real because this is the type of political and social atmospheres that he did the things he did in the book. Tell your husband I said thank you for noticing. smile

Thanks for everyone for participating in the polls.

I personally wouldn't mind if a third party won the next couple elections as it would maybe force the two major parties to get their acts together and stop selling the American people a Bill of Goods. Personally, I am a Conservative and I saw at least three other candidates who I felt were more Conservative than McCain. I would have voted for Barr had Palin not joined the ticket. I liked a lot of his positions. So, I would be for a third party winning.

I am really not sure of how else to "fix" the government. I can see a lot of flaws, but what is the answer?

I once thought, well if they are going to run the country, why not subject them to standard polygraph tests when they hit a certain level going up the political ladder. We do this for people who are applying for national security jobs and jobs dealing with lots of money. Who gets to play with more money than Congress and who gets to handle more National Security than the President? (Obviously, this won't fly at all, but I really liked the idea)

I have had others suggest that the solutions start with fixing the education system. (A daunting task to say the least) They believe that the country needs to be fixed from the ground up.

What do you think about this?