I've really got to go look back and see what the real numbers are - but we've been playing "flip the party" for a while now.

No matter which party is in office, it is never going to be perfect. And America then shows its displeasure by voting in the opposing party. Which does seem to make sense from an immediacy POV, but then THAT party doesn't make eveything right - so we turn back around and vote in the other party we just got rid of. (My head is spinning!)

I'm like you, I really don't care about the parties anymore- I'm looking at the candidates.

But part of me really, really wants a strong Independent Party candidate next time 'round. Because I just want to see what would happen if the bi-partisan routine (or rather rut) that our government has fallen into got really shaken up.

Hmmmm, this gives me an idea for an Independent Party post!

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor