Chances are good that anyone picked is going to resemble a "good ol' boy" though. And you saw how people tore into Palin... it wasn't pretty. I think the main thing will be time and patience as we wait and see what happens under the new administration. If he screws up bad enough, it won't even matter that much what the new Republican says, does or who he/she is... just look at who American voted in Office out of frustration over Bush. They'll do it again eventually, but it will be a Republican they vote in next time. I think the Republican party needs to really work on determining if it is a truly conservative party or if it is more moderate and stick with one thing. Granted, a truly conservative party will have the hardest time winning, unless there is another combo similar to McCain Palin where one is more middle ground and one is more conservative. Honestly, I am not sure I look at it as "parties" as much as where do they stand on issues important to me. I think that is how many felt with Obama and McCain, but I also think that because of the "historical" aspect of this election, many wanted to be a part of electing such a historical person to the President position. What better way to argue not being a racist than to say you voted for Obama. Race aside, because imo it had nothing to do with the election as far as my vote went, I don't care what race or sex the next candidates are, what I am going to care about is where they stand on issues. I think the Republican party definitely needs to reform itself or do something. I just love how everyone is supposed to rally in support of a the new president but the same people touting that we need to be supporting this new president probably spent the past 8 years condemning Bush and counting the days til he was out of office. While I am sure Obama will do some good things in office, I am just as sure that he will do just as many, if not more, that I disagree with, so I hope those who support him will allow me the same courtesy to disagree with him and make the same comments I have been hearing about Bush for the past 8 years.