I saw the Clinton video, I didn't see the McCain clip. At the time I heard about it, I didn't believe it so I asked my husband to pull it up so I could view it. He was doing it alright.

I have no respect for this person either (instincts and all) but this is just more physical evidence as to why. He has a lot of emotional supporters right now who will bypass anything that comes to the forefront about him.

What is absolutely wonderful is that each day, he's one day closer to leaving so we can focuss on the future. No one in politics is going to outwardly speak against him because he is the first black president. Plus if something does happen to him, they certainly don't want their party to be blamed.

It's funny to watch some of the celebrities answer the question about how they feel he's in office. Their eyes kind of go left and right and they all say something like, "I'm just truly, truly blessed to be a part of this historic moment." or my favorite, "Well, Jesus was a community organizer." There's just nothing passed not wanting to get public negativety.

I really, wish Powell would have followed through with running for president. I hadn't voted before then and he was what got me to register, then he left the race. I remember reading his quote as to why he was pulling out. He said he wasn't ready for the "politics" and what it would do with the time he has with his family.


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