I think in this case the writer admires Barack Obama for conducting himself in a Christian manner, constant criticism notwithstanding.

Right away I see a problem with this statement. What one may think is him conducting himself in a "Christian manner" another may not see that way.

I also don't see all of his "values" refreshing. It's obvious that those who are liberal democrats are going to differ in opinions GREATLY from conservative republicans. Especially if they are TRUE conservatives and not moderates. It's just a matter in differences of opinion. I think way too many people are taking the criticisms of how republicans feel about Obama personally because they agree with Obama so they feel it is a personal attack. However, it is not. It is not even a personal attack on Obama, but rather on what he wants to do. That is why there are TWO parties. If we all agreed, we would have no need for two parties, or moderates. We would all be in agreement. However, the issues are all so complex, and interconnected that I don't forsee us all agreeing, ever. I don't take things written here personally, mainly because life is too short. I don't post things to incite anger. I post them to get opinions. It's not like democrats have successful talk radio we can go listen to whistle

With all this talk that Republicans are the big bad meanies, I think the people saying that should probably remember this is the Republican forum and that this is where we come to discuss matters of importance to US. Of course they are going to reflect our conservative beliefs and of course they are going to criticize things that democrats say and do because we have different opinions. It's not like we are coming to your area and posting stuff to incite hate from you.

I honestly hope that Obama does well. Not because he is a black man. Not because he is a man, period. Not because he is a democrat. But simply because our country needs some good leadership. The main problem I have is that the things he wants to change, while they might be important and yes, need help, the ways in which he wants to change them frighten me. If he can manage to accomplish great things without harming a huge demographic of people, great. Of course I will be praying and ultimately know it's all in God's hands. I am not one to start yelling it's the end of the world or anything (although I have seen plenty of that!!) but my feelings are, if it is, so what? God said it would happen, and if now is the time, who are we to stop it? It's GOING to happen (based on our beliefs, if you don't believe, you could care less about this). I plan on posting some thoughts in the religion area later to go along with this.