When Christians compare themselves or another to Jesus Christ, they are not equating themselves or the other with Him, and I think in this case the writer admires Barack Obama for conducting himself in a Christian manner, constant criticism notwithstanding.

Although I find President-Elect Obama's Christian values refreshing, it's likely that most religions identify similar traits as being in the teachings of their religions' founders.

I identify what I most admire in John McCain's character as Christian values, also, but I'm sure that followers of other religions admire him for those traits, as well, and identify them with their own religions.

The point made about criticism, complaints and challenges holding back our progress in addressing the current economic crisis and other huge issues is valid. But both parties heaped the same on George W. Bush during the campaign, and as far as I can tell, have not let up in order to focus on what he might accomplish in the weeks before President-Elect Obama takes office. We need our leaders to reach across the aisle right now, and not wait until January 20th - and we need the same focus after January 20th, too.

I believe it's the Christian thing to do - but those of other religions no doubt feel that it is what their faith prescribes - and those without faith no doubt would judge it the humanistic, pragmatic or just plain ethical way to address our country's best interests, too.

We have a long way to go before our economy is healthy and prosperity makes working together an easier task. The election is over and now is the time to unite as Americans with serious intent on improving our nation's future. This is what both McCain and Obama promised during their long campaigns. Let's see it start at the grassroots.

Pam W
SE of Seattle

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what I mean by millenium phariseeism is this: there was a party of people that constantly followed right behind Jesus Christ, to put down everything he did. When he healed, they complained it was the wrong day, when he forgave sin, they challenged this authority. The same thing here. This is why this country is messed up.

Find love and less complaint....that's all I challenge the millenium pharisees to do. Remember, what you say and how you judge someone, will one day come back to you....no doubt.

I recall from my history and Catholic upbringing that the pharisees were the ones who criticised Christ. Are we once again going to try to say that Obama is the Second Coming? -whoisjohngalt

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