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what I mean by millenium phariseeism is this: there was a party of people that constantly followed right behind Jesus Christ, to put down everything he did. When he healed, they complained it was the wrong day, when he forgave sin, they challenged this authority. The same thing here. This is why this country is messed up.

Find love and less complaint....that's all I challenge the millenium pharisees to do. Remember, what you say and how you judge someone, will one day come back to you....no doubt.

I recall from my history and Catholic upbringing that the pharisees were the ones who criticised Christ. Are we once again going to try to say that Obama is the Second Coming? If we are, then I'll post the opposite just to be fair.

Revelation and Apocyliptic experts believe that the A.C. will hail from the East, be in his 40's and will have a smooth tongue- preaching unity and togetherness, while at the same time driving brother against brother. Obama fits each of these aspects.

The seas will boil- there is a supposed global warming issue put forth by high ranking Democrat leaders (not backed by science or facts) guarenteeing that the oceans will boil by 2016 according to Al Gore.

The dead will rise- ACORN is famous for voting using the names of dead people. This is big in Chicago and Obama's campaign donated $800,000 to ACORN. Technically, this could be the dead rising.

I do not post this to pick a fight, I am just offering a different viewpoint other than what the media, Democrat leaders, and Obama's Campaign- that is that he is a magical entity an uniter that we haven't seen since Jesus Christ. That he has so much in common.

I personally believe that Revelations is symbolic- not litteral and i am just offering the opposite point of view just to be fair. I am tired of hearing how Christ-like he is when the opposite can be seen just as easily.


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