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You don't have to like Pres. B. Obama but at least pray that God leads him into helping us as a country.

It brought tears to my eyes to see all over the world, people of different ethnecities, status' etc..., they were neither Dem. or Repub. not even American, but they found something in this man to appreciate with a smile.

It is so sad that this subject line is even being discussed. As John McCain himself said, Barack Obama is a decent person and a decent family man, and a citizen that he just happened to have disagreements with on fundamental issues.

Why are we discussing supposed hand gestures, and watching news segments about the White House dog or what kind of dog the Obamas will have in the White House, when we have the worst job loss news ever from October, terrible losses in the stock market, and other serious business for our country to focus on this week? Why are we having to listen to ridiculous stories about Sarah Palin's wardrobe or what she thinks is wrong with the media - when the media should be questioning President Bush on how Congress and the American people can work together to get some help for business, the economy, homeowners or whatever else needs to be done?

It is *interesting* to know what Barack Obama is doing during these transition weeks but we don't have a time out until January 20th - we need to know what questions should be asked from now until then of the President and elected officials who are supposed to keep working until then.

People are losing their jobs, health insurance, homes and savings; we have wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and American troops are being hurt and killed every day. Why are we not demanding that the media and politicians focus on these terrible troubles and let us know who is working on figuring out what to do about it right now. I want to see a dozen economic advisors standing behind George W. Bush when I turn on the TV, and I want to hear him talk every day to let us know what is going on in D.C. Why can't John McCain be interviewed about what he is doing as a Senator working on our behalf in this crisis, instead of Sarah Palin on the anonymous comments from campaign workers about her alleged shortcomings?

Certainly for a few weeks we could address more serious topics than how Barack Obama scratches his nose. I agree completely with Kimmie - we need to be prayerful, if we've got prayers, and supportive of any inspiration or leader who is actually keeping a focus on the serious issues facing our country right down to our little neighborhoods.

Republicans have so much to offer beyond what we are reading here - and we should be demanding a focus on Republicans in office who must be working on these serious issues - including our current President who also needs prayers and support. He is not going to cost any candidates votes or loss of confidence and is still leader of the free world, so now is the chance for Republicans to show they can work within their party with him and across the aisle with Democrats and Independents.

It's going to be a bumpy ride for us all.

Pam W
SE of Seattle