Kay's absolutely right. And frankly, had this been Bush, I'm fairly certain the folks complaining about the "lack of love" here would have been running amok with pitch forks themselves.

Politics isn't about love, my friend. You can love your fellow man and still not condone what he does. I've no issues with Obama the man. My issues are with his politics and his course of action.

As for the comments about millenium pharisees, Obama isn't Christ. He isn't the Messiah. He isn't a savior. (Nor is he the anti-christ). If you feel you must be Biblical about this, Christ instructs His followers to be the light in a world of darkness and salt in a world of decay. (Matthew 5:13-16) Hence, Christians are to stand vigilant against tyranny. There are no nice, polite or benevolent tyrannies. The Bible is full of brave men who defied and resisted earthly rulers.

As citizens, we must take a stand against those beliefs we see as damaging and be ever vigilant against would be tyrants.

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