What is so compellingly intriguing is that for some reason, every time I come into this specific political forum, not one ounce of love seems to be shown.

Kimmie, this is a serious topic. If you are looking for warm fuzzies then you need to go to a different forum.

I don't hate Obama. I don't even dislike him. Actually, I don't even 'know' him because many facts about his life were not revealed to us. However, what I don't like is his socialist agenda. I don't like his agenda to increase the death tax, increase the capital gains and dividend taxes, increase income taxes on the highest tax bracket, allow the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, as well as many other tax increases. I don't agree with his energy plan or with his health plan. In fact, there's not one thing he has presented that I agree with.

You so desperately want to make this about race but it's not about race at all. I understand the history of racism and slavery but I believe that as a country we moved past this decades ago. I am so tired of having the distinction made between 'black' and 'white.' You say you are getting tired of the "same ole' words of pettiness" well I am getting tired of this constant mention of Obama's race. I don't care if he is black, white, brown, etc. My issues are with his intentions not with the color of his skin.

If the Dems weren't in control I might feel less strongly about Obama but he has the full support of a majority of liberal, far-left people....at least for the next two years.

So far Obama has offered nothing tangible and has promised nothing that I agree on. I will always take the higher ground (the ground not taken by the Dems for the past 8 years or by the media) and I will not treat him with the same disrespect as people have treated Bush. However, I will not support policies and laws that violate my core beliefs.