What is so compellingly intriguing is that for some reason, every time I come into this specific political forum, not one ounce of love seems to be shown. None. All you ever read is what someone said in another forum in this same political party, "same ole' words" of pettiness, judgemental attitudes and a lot of millenium Phariseeism.

what I mean by millenium phariseeism is this: there was a party of people that constantly followed right behind Jesus Christ, to put down everything he did. When he healed, they complained it was the wrong day, when he forgave sin, they challenged this authority. The same thing here. This is why this country is messed up.

Tonight, find a scripture in your bible, if you have one and if you read one, on love. You don't have to like Pres. B. Obama but at least pray that God leads him into helping us as a country.

It brought tears to my eyes to see all over the world, people of different ethnecities, status' etc..., they were neither Dem. or Repub. not even American, but they found something in this man to appreciate with a smile.

Find love and less complaint....that's all I challenge the millenium pharisees to do. Remember, what you say and how you judge someone, will one day come back to you....no doubt.

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Kimberly C. Cannon, Former Bulb Gardening Editor