I believe in United We Stand with all my heart. But this just stands logic on its head. For the last eight years, I heard the constant drumbeat of how bad George W was. I heard how we failed in Iraq. I heard how the mortgage crisis was supposedly George W's fault even though key Democrat leaders are on video standing against any type of reform and even attacking the whistle-blowers. I had thought the country was divided before. Now we have Barack and we are supposed to unite behind him and support him?

I can't do it. I have strongly disagreed with most of words that come out of his mouth. In fact, I can't find a point that I do agree with him. I can't find anything that he has accomplished in his years of public service.

I admit, and it is obvious, I do have a bias. But I tried my own exercise that I suggested a while back of finding something good about the apposing candidate. I could not come up with anything other than he speaks very elequantly.

I have literally sought out people in my travels just to ask them why they supported Obama. Nothing other than "he's going to bring change and unite the country."

I am very hurt by this election and I feel betrayed by my fellow countrymen for electing him and I just don't feel that I, in good concience, could give him my support.

And let me be clear- I don't care about his race. I wouldn't care if he was white, black, green, blue, male, female, ugly, handsom, pretty, rich, poor- I judge people ONLY the way Martin Luther King Jr. prescribed. That is by their character.

Barack has made no bones about how he feels about this country, and what his plans are.

I realize the election is over, there is nothing to do about it. My plan is to put one foot in front of the other for the next two years and then I will see if I can't help campaign for the mid-terms.