�finally translated! Two Russian novels from Soviet author, Nikolai Grigorevich Smirnov, are now available in English. These books are of the hard-to-put-down variety along with being culturally rich. They were originally geared toward the youth to young adult range (so consider telling the young readers in your circle) though they've been favored by mature readers, too. They are currently only available at the site below where you will also find free book samples: (in English and Russian)


Here are brief summaries of the books, but be sure to look at the samples for more details:

JACK VOSMERKIN - THE AMERICAN is an epic tale about a Russian boy who travels around the globe by accident during the early Soviet years, returning to Russia to combine Russian and Western culture in a remarkable, never predictable journey.

THE LAND OF THE SUN lets the reader relive life in exile, starting in Kamchatka, during the age of Imperialism, and then takes its narrator, a Russian youth, far beyond Russia's borders, where he and his fellow countrymen must adapt to a life they'd never imagined, while never losing their Russian spirit.

See more information and free samples at: