[quote=Eleise - Clairvoyance]I think I have more of a handle on the energy/feelings I had initially picked up about the election.

In my world, anyway, assasination just simply never comes to mind and is never an answer. I just don't think of it period. I find it difficult to kill an innocent bug walking accross the wall or something.

Apparently assasination and even some speculating Obama being the antichrist is actually out there confused - sensing this type of energy bothers me greatly.

There is also energy about race, regardless what people say or protest. On a physical note, it would be ovious and a time for celebration. Too much emphasis, it feels has a hand in this and seems to up an ante of some sort...not the coming together like everyone is hoping for including myself. There is an expectation on this person that isn't real.

I still sens, very much so, this person is ill-prepared in that, their ideas and what actually transpires conflict. Insurmountable ego feels at stake from all directions. I see blotches of it, so I'm interpreting it as in groups, countries, organizations, etc. Again this is probably obvious, but I won't normally be taken in this line of attention - usually these things don't concern me. This seems to effect everyone though.

Russia comes to mind - brain blurp (don't know why).

Entrpeneurs do well, especially those building from the ground up with networkers doing the same. This will help off-set the economy. There will be a group of people regardless of what's going on "out there" that keep to the grindstone. These will be the flourishing types.

Food wise - people start growing more of their own and learning more about herbal or bio-chemestry.

A new generation of children will come into the world. They will help pick up the pieces basically. They won't be of the spoiled - hand me - generation. They will waste little and many will study or feel complelled to the enviroment, biology, etc. You will know them, they will pay attention to the tiniest detail in nature and have a handle on things beyond their years.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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