I have all the Gesell books you mentioned, and find them SO enlightening and interesting. They get into such funny details, but so true.. for example, in the 6 year old book, how my 5 1/2 year old (actually, she'd want me to say 5 3/4) has started just randomly falling off chairs! Apparently this is a normal developmental thing. When I read it, it seemed so weird, when I saw it start happening, it cracked me up!

Amazingly, they do still seem to be the most recommended information of this sort, but they are a little dated. I love all the pictures on the first edition ones of the kids in the corduroy jumpers! I have a huge bookcase of parenting books though and other info on developmental stages, so I'll be on the lookout for less dated items.

I'll have to look up that seeds of compassion sounds interesting. And yes, my daughter definitely came home from kindergarten this past year with much input that I could have done without, but with all the respect in the world for homeschooling (I strongly considered it, in fact), also much wonderful that I couldn't have given her on my own. There's some nice books on that sort of topic like "Playground Politics" by Greenspan and "Hold onto Your Kids" by Neufeld.

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