I'm Nicki, the new Early Childhood Editor here at BellaOnline. I also write the Breastfeeding site here, so feel free to mosey on over there to get to know me as well!

Please reply to say hi and let me know a little bit about you...if you are current subscriber to Early Childhood, or forum poster, tell me what have been your favorite articles, topics and discussions.

I also want to hear what topics and articles you most would like to hear about -- I am a bit overwhelmed, I must admit, by the sheer breadth of what can be written about in supporting parents (as well as educators and caregivers) of children birth through age 12, so I'd love to have your feedback on what would be most helpful!

I look forward to getting to know you here in the forums.

Nicki Heskin, Breastfeeding and Early Childhood Editor
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