Thank you for looking that up LindaSue. The next question I would have is whether or not people believe he it mere mere ignorance or is this indicitave of his plans for this country. If everyone will indulge my slight tangent here, I have an additional thought smile
Mr. Obama's party leaders and colleagues in Congress have openly shown disdain for this country's military. They have declared the war LOST repeatidly within the first three weeks of the recent military surge just after they unanimously vote for it. Mr. Obama has repeatidly said he was against the war from the beginning because he says it was based on false pretenses (Their were no WMDs). The truth has come out that there were WMDs and that Saddahm was testing them on his own people. Yet Obama is still saying that we should never have been there. His party is still saying the administration lied about the whole thing. I could go on and on, but I will probably save it for another post.
My point to all this is, the job Mr. Obama is seeking (this is my understanding) is to be the supreme leader of our military. Why is he a candidate for this position? His party has shown disdain for the military and this country, and he has shown disdain for the military and this country.
Anyone can take any of these issues (Rev. Wright, not saluting to the anthem, his bitter americans clinging to their guns and bibles comments, his affiliations with Tony Rezko, his flag lapell "flip-flop", his rejection of public financing, his comment about visiting all "60" states in America, ect. ect.) and, Jase you are right in saying that this could be making a mountain out of a mole hill, but when all of these things are lumped together, don't they show that this man is not right for the leader of this country? He fits in perfectly in the Senate, I have never seen a more corrupt body of people with as much power as they have and without term limits no less.
I guess my point is that we can talk all day about what doesn't qualify this man to be president, but I think the question that should be asked is what DOES qualify him to be president.

He has shown leadership as a community activist in the south side of Chicago, but has anything changed there for the better? He has been an Illinois Senator, but has anything changed for the better in Illinois because of him? He has been a US Senator and has anything changed for the better do to him?

What are we hoping for with this man? How much are we deluding ourselves by dismissing his everyday actions, comments, and views?

Where does he show his patriatism and leadership abilities?


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