Alot of young people feel frustrated in general, with people not getting along.

Their energetic motivations in commercials, trends, dress wear, etc. They scream - relax, keep it real!! Many have been dismissed or raised in frustration w/parents having to work so much to give them the things and opportunities they have. I'll bet many parents wish they had more time instead of working two jobs or having to go back to work or dipping into retirement funds. Most parents didn't enjoy it, but were determined just to make it. they may be too young to realize this or maybe it's been so long it's just norm.

- It's a cycle -

Parents end up feeling guilty so gift their children, the children are able to embrace something that makes them feel good and comfortable in lieu of intimacy. Eventually resentment sets in because it's simply not a means to an end.

Then they look at the state our country is in and feel now is the time for change. Correct in drive, but politics are worse than any commercial out there, you'll ever see.

All this during a time most everyone is wanting change for the tightened economy and increasing energy costs.


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Karen Elleise
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