I agree Phyllis. Everything in my gut when I watched this, (it grabbed me in my stomach) video, and I trust this, is he did this out of defiance w/a little, "Well, I really didn't mean anything by it..." for the public. Not a chance on this one!

I get the impression this action had to do w/something having to do w/sums of money/champagne and loyalty to the donor, type thing. Just yuck!

To some, and anything can be justified, it could be brushed under the carpet. But, and this part isn't a feeling, just my opinion, if I'm in the public eye and my intentions are to lead a country in unity and strength, I believe the things that are going to accomplish such a feat in addition to passion are going to be demonstration of support of the things most meaningful to the country.

I would never start this path with any type of disrespect in this country or any other. In some, it's disrespectful to show the soles of your shoe. I would make sure my feet were firmly and I mean firmly planted at all times. I would learn their culture and embrace it.

The things that are coming through, outside of my opinion, hit me before I followed anything of this person. Since then, really, I've noticed much more than just this video. And in all honesty it's like falling down a rabbit hole.

I remember when Powell was going to run for president. I didn't get anything close to this type of feeling with him and was sad he pulled out. i haven't been too excited w/anyone that would call attention since then. With Bush it felt money would be the issue. We were personally in that 911 thing so I can't say I saw it coming for the entire country,. I just hated and avoided airports and felt like we were going to be hijacked any minute. Toward the end of the year my folks invited us out East. I think I decisded to be drunk for the most part of that trip!

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