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First - I want to say that the backlash to this book is probably due to a couple of factors including that she has received a lot of exposure for this book (such as an Oprah appearance). And people don't know what could possibly be wrong with you if you have made it on Oprah! There's some envy there too. And secondly, because there is still a lot of confusion out there about depression as you all have stated in this thread.

You can have a bout of clinical depression brought on by a stressor such as a death in the family etc. Which people either fall deep into, they self-medicate, or they seek treatment. For those that seek treatment or find a solution on their own - they usually recover. And that's that. People in the family will talk about it "remember when Lisa was depressed"...

But then you can suffer from long-term mild to moderate depression all your life. And people often mistake this as "Oh lisa is a negative person. Oh, she is a downer. Oh, Lisa is very introverted and keeps to herself. Oh, Lisa is a drunk or a drug addict. Etc."

The confusion occurs that for most people "depression" means the first scenario. Something bad happens. Someone gets down about it and doesn't have the "strength" to get themselves out of it. So they are depressed. And that's why you get a lot of the "just get over it" or "my life is much worse".

On top of that -- the media has been a big part of making this worse. How many times has Oprah (whom I love by the way:) featured someone's remarkable life story and insinuated that we have absolutely nothing to whine or be down about. That message has made a lot of truly clinically depressed people feel guilty about their depression and NOT seek treatment, and it has made a lot of uninformed people just cheer even louder that people who claim to be depressed need to "just get over it". When really they are simply ignorant or uninformed about the fact that depression is a mental disorder that manifests itself psychologically and physically -- and does not just go away. Like most medical conditions - it must be treated - with either talk therapy, medication, and/or a combination of other holistic solutions such as exercise, herbs, hobbies, pets, etc.

The solution -- education.
The book -- it was a good read.

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