Right now, I'm frantically worried that walking in to the Mental Health ward at the hospital and asking for help is going to cost me my job.

I have a TS clearance, and just did a periodic review. The investigator made a BIG deal about taking Zoloft, because we can't have anyone with mental health issues looking at sensitive info, y'know.

What was really happening was that my natural anxiety/low self-esteem was being horribly exacerbated by a serious substance abuse problem. IMO, the alcoholism (which never got me in trouble of any sort) was much more dangerous to "national security" than leveling out my brain chemistry with 10mg/day of Zoloft.

I'm dry and clean now for over six months, and have finally managed to convince the docs that I don't need to be on *any* drugs. I still get low points, but dammed if I will ever go back to Mental Health; my job is too high a price to pay.

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