Michelle, so sorry to hear that and hope you feel better soon. I have them also and they are no fun, recently had a trip to the ER(husband dragged me there I don't like to go)and although I know how much they are NOT fun, alls I could think about all the way to the hospital was that old Cheech and Chong record about Dave, where he knocks on the door and says Dave and the other guy says Dave's not here. I have opted not to take daily drugs, I do try and keep my diet good, exercise, and for me trying to stick to some sort of schedule works most of the time. Maybe try making a list and then work from there. That is one of the things that really helps me because once I do make the list I can see that no I can't realistically do all of things in one day.

I know it is so easy to say but not so easy to do smile