People here have probabaly memorized my story, LOL!

But I suffer and am treated for clinical Depression and bi-polar; and panic attacks used to be a major part of that. They will still come out at times of (or after) extreme stress.

We used to think it was a blood sugar problem, because it greatly resembled whatwould happen to my diabetuc mother when she would "crash". Racing pusle, flushed face, sick to my stomach, dilated pupils - and then add in the intense need to escape.

The 2 scenarios bound to set it off more than any other were my church's "meet and greet" time - having to shake hadns with all of those strangers, and gorcery shopping - the thought thast strangers might be looking and talking about me. It was a very paranoid fed thing.

My psychiatrist prescribed Klonipin for immediate attacks, as well as daily meds for the depression and counseling.

I have them very rarely now. I was plagued by a recent round of them due to a violent episode with my son who has Asperger's syndrome. So that's what I mean by stress bringing them out, but for the mosdt part I can deal with them because of the therapy.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor