Saw this story about the new "Gears of War 2" being the most violent game ever made:
Gears of War 2: Too Violent For Some?

It got me to thinking...

There's been a lot of controversy in the news as to whether playing violent video games causes violence in children and teens (and sometimes even adults).

Many people say it is just play or fantasy - and that only people that are delusional or have mental instability would be affected. Or that for some it is actually an outlet for violence.

But I wonder. I know there has always been crime, violence, war - but it has never been so blatant as today. I think the fact that we have turned violence into a "game" we have innoculated our kids against being horrified by it.

This game for instance; there is a chance to use a chainsaw, not to fend off another weapon, but to actually cut your opponent in half, complete with blood and gore.

So why should our kids be horrified or terrified by the sight of blood anymore? They've already seen it, in a small way committed it.

I believe that once we open up our minds to violence, it has a way of sinking deeper in. It is not so unthinkable.

Even our wars are not so horrible anymore. Soldiers no longer have to actually face the enemy and watch their eyes as they die face to face. Instead we can drop a bomb and kill hundreds at a time, and never even have to imagine what te people look like.

IDK - just some rambling thoughts...

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor