Our children will graduate with such a useful skill - filling in those stupid little circles.

You must have been in a good school district. Ours didn't even know what OG was. Luckily we found a great private tutor that lived close by. And, yes, many dyslexics are gifted. It is a very misunderstood learning difference.

My son is no longer classified as SPED because I found the services useless. The 1st thing they wanted to do was modify his state tests. I would not allow it because I wanted them to teach him to his ability, not their minimum standards.

I realize many SPED students do need mods but major test modifications should be limited to the most severe students. Otherwise, I think many schools expectations are very low for too many children.

Actually, I wish they'd do away with the testing or move it to the beginning of the year so we could all just get it over with and move on with the real job of learning & teaching.