Personally, I think the state testing is a joke for any student. Ours just finished and school may as well begin summer break.

My dyslexic son still struggles greatly with writing, although he has always passed the writing section. They do not count off for spelling or punctuation. He passed this very minimal skills test by 2 points and I'm told I should be "proud" of such a "good" score. I am very proud of my child which may be why I expect more than the bare minimum from a gifted, dyslexic child.
Unfortunately, he can't teach himself everything.

School actually spent money on t-shirts as a "surprise" in student lockers. This is HS - do they really think those kids will wear a TAKS t-shirt? I got a new messy job shirt.

State testing is one of my triggers. It irks me how they suppress a love of learning for 1 darn week of filling in little circles.