I'm curious to see if anyone else has a feeling as to which way the elections/economy/environment are heading. I don't usually focuss on politics unless I get a dream I can't shake but I've been getting impressions lately regardless.

For me personally, I see or feel Obama will be elected, but it makes my heart race like a jack rabbit. I can't quite figure this out unless the impact will be outstanding in that specific type of energy itself as a result of simply being elected. Right now, specifically at this point, I'm not sensing anything note-worthy outside of the election, just a lot of energy. I see him having grey hair, which I am wondering if that isn't symbolic of an ill-preparedness (is that a word?) because it seems the election is cut short possibly? I go back and forth on this. I am wondering if this isn't indicative of another Kennedy era. Does anyone else pick up anything?

The Wright person, I sense something having to do with the heart, either just problems in general with it or a heart attack at some point.

I sense continued food shortages and people needing to learn to some extent anyway an ability to prepare their own, just in general, like baking or growing, etc. something? I can't see how far down the line this is, but for me, I'm starting now. I also see land more than house being benefitial, especially one with a private water source. I'm thinking possible this is a sense of how to ride out the wave as comfortably as possible?

I've heard other people speaking of riots, etc. I'm not there yet though. I do sense inter-city type riots or more of them I'd say moving further outside of their primal areas.

I'm not sensing the economy corrects itself and even if the housing market allows for a house you might not have considered before-hand, still keep to a frugal hand regardless even if you feel pressured to get something more. Something happens, even if it's a bargain, in the future, maybe house/land tax that makes it very difficult to support based on appearance.

I also see more and more earth quakes and not in the norm/typical regions we might think of having them. Seems like the earthquake are leading up to something a change or exposure to something we did not consider or know about.

More and more people become independant of the Gov. in some manner and it follows more is exposed about it to the general public than before.

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