It doesn't matter when you start - because the point is if you complain you start again. The aim is to try to go for a real month without complaining, not to for a month try to complain as little as you can and feel guilty when you do complain smile So you can start right now! Heck we can see by the 14th who has even made it that long without having to start over.

Bob and I were talking in the car tonight about what constitutes complaining. The thought is that you want to fill your world with positive energy and encouragement. So focusing on negative things is unhealthy for you. If you spend 20 minutes talking and musing about "how much that clerk at Home Depot was rude" then whether you call it complaining or sociological discussion, that is 20 minutes of your life that was wasted, spent on a "bad situation" and focusing on that "bad situation".

Now if you have a dog that peed on your carpet and you spend 20 minutes discussing methods of training him NOT to do that - that's not complaining, that is being productive in finding a way to better your life. But if you spend 20 minutes just ranting about your dumb dog and why he peed on your carpet again, that would be unproductive and complaining.

But again we can all bring up situations here in the thread to talk about, and to figure out if it is a positive or negative situation that time was spent on!

I don't *think* I have complained since I first posted. I'm trying to be aware of what I say but it's hard to be aware all the time. I'm thinking back over the Geek Girls dinner I just came from and pretty much the entire dinner is us all talking together and helping each other with ideas and brainstorming, so it is generally a long, positive talk, not a complaining one.

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